The best winter party games are the ones that engage children’s imagination. You can be sure that kids will remember a party if they are part of fun group games that also engage their brains while they are truly lost in their activity and forget all about their real world. 

Usually, when you throw a children’s party in the winter, it is because a birthday is celebrated and you will want your kid and their friends to remember the day. This is why it is very important that you organize fun stuff for them to do. Kids associate fun with play, so you will have to organize fun games in order to make the day memorable.

There are some things that are associated with playing and we are going to list them here, in order for you to understand why play is important and why organizing games for a kids’ party is essential. The following things describe play:

  • Children must have fun and enjoy what they are doing.
  • The reason for playing has to come from within, for the fun of it, not for rewards and external motivation.
  • It’s all about the journey, not the destination, so the process is what is important, not the outcome.
  • The child has to want to play, not to be forced to do so. This is why if some of the guests refuse to play a game, you shouldn’t make them do it just because everyone else is doing it. Eventually, they will decide to play without any pressure.
  • Mental or physical involvement is necessary, this is why, further in the article, we will emphasize how the game gets children involved.
  • Things do not have to be taken literally, imagination has an important role in it.


The best thing about the games that we are going to talk about here is the fact that children will learn something from them, which is an essential part of playing. Children learn better while playing, even if it is something theoretical or they are just learning how to behave and treat one another, developing their social skills. 

As most parties have many guests, it is a great opportunity to let children interact and learn how to play as a team and learn to collaborate with one another, this is why it is a great option to choose games that involve teams more than single-player games.

Children learn to engage in cooperative play after the age of 4, so it is best that you choose these games for parties where children are not below this age because their brains are not yet prepared for it.


Fortress wars

Type of game: team game

This is a great game that involves team play and collaboration. The idea is to divide children into 2 groups that will have to fight against each other in order to win the others’ fortress. The game can last up to 2 hours, depending on the children’s energy and perseverance.

First of all, each team has to build a fortress out of snow. The walls can be as high and as thick as they choose to make them. The only rule is that they finish building it in one hour tops. 

In addition, they have to have a pile of snow near them from which they will have to make snowballs. It depends on each team how much snow they use for this purpose. When the game starts, each team has to throw the snowballs to take down the walls of the other team’s fortress. 

The game ends when one of the fortresses is taken down. If the game finishes quickly, at first, the children might want to start again and build a better fortress. 


  • This game is great for children because it teaches them how to interact with one another and how to work in a team. 
  • Furthermore, kids will have to use their thinking skills in order to organize their activity and be better than the other team. This includes the roles that each and everyone one of them has to have. Some of them have to throw the snowballs, others have to make the snowballs, and so on.
  • As a bonus, they will have a lot of fun and they will not want to stop playing this awesome game.


Snow in the chimney

Type of game: team game or single player

Snow in the chimney is a game that is very fun for kids and can be played either indoors or outdoors. Outdoors is the real deal, but if it is not possible, indoors will be fun as well. The best way to play this game is in two teams and each of them has to have a home that is represented by a cardboard box.

Each box has to have a hole on the top, which will be the chimney. The purpose of every team is to throw as many snowballs as they can into the opponent team’s chimney. At the end of the game, you should count the snowballs in order to determine which team is the winner.

If you decide to play this game indoors, a great way to replace the snowballs is to use white paper that can be folded in order to mimic snowballs as much as you can.


  • The game is very engaging and will raise the adrenaline levels of the children as they will be eager to find out which team is the winner.
  • The children will pay permanent attention to what happens in the game because they will want to keep count of their points as well as of their opponents’.


Who builds a snowman faster

Type of game: team game or single player

Building snowmen has been a very fun activity for children since forever. Because they have heads and are similar to humans, many children give the snowmen names and are fun by giving them funny ears and nose shapes. 

This game can be played in teams or as single players. In teams is best because children will learn how to interact with one another and how to play a role in a group in order to be useful and for the team to work efficiently. Even though you can allow every child to build a snowman on their own, some of them might not feel worthy if they don’t finish first.

You can set up a time in which the children have to finish the snowman and tell them what other supplies they can use. Also, you can set up a theme or let the imagination of the children run freely. 


  • The children will have a lot of fun.
  • They will have to use their creativity in order to build the snowman.
  • They will have to work in teams and the game is competitive, teaching the children that they have to work in order to get rewards.


Storm the igloo

Type of game: team game 

This is a version of fortress wars, but for the indoors. The principles are pretty much the same. However, creativity is a little bit limited here and you will need more props. This is why you have to decide at least one day before that you are going to play this game. 

You will need to gather a lot of shoe boxes or gift boxes that you are going to have to wrap in white paper in order for them to resemble ice blocks. Also, you will need to make snowballs out of paper. In order to play, the children will have to be divided into two teams that have to build a wall out of the boxes. 

Each team will have to throw snowballs to the other team’s wall until it falls down. The first to go down will determine the losing team.


  • As we have said before, team games teach children how to collaborate with one another and share the same goal, giving them the feeling of being a part of a community, which makes their brains release oxytocin.
  • The game is really fun and the children will be very happy, which will make them remember this day for a long time from now on.
  • It fulfills the need of make-belief that a game needs in order to be considered play, which means that the children’s imagination will be put to work.


Final thoughts

Winter parties are very fun for kids and usually, they can’t wait to get to a party because their playtime and activities are limited, so any social interaction with other children makes them really look forward to it. This is why games will be very well perceived and they usually have a lot of fun.

The activities might involve the outdoors or you can hold a party and have indoor games that mimic the outdoor ones. Either way, they will absolutely love it. Of course, outdoor activities are recommended because of the fresh air but if you don’t have the means to do that, indoor games are just as fun as those played outdoors.