Have you thought about what to offer your dad on Father’s Day? You surely want your gift to be something from the heart, so how about a Father’s Day inspirational poem? There are, without a doubt, many things you want to tell your father and express your gratitude, but you might not know where to start. A poem can convey your feelings in the best way possible, and your dad will surely appreciate the gesture.


How to find touching poems for and about fathers

It is a tradition to offer your parent a card on Father’s Day, and the content of such a card is more often than not a poem that expresses the feelings you nurture toward your dad. Some poems are written by famous authors, others by people who love to share their works with the world without being confirmed poets, while others come from anonymous sources. Since there are so many for you to choose from, you might want some methods to tell them apart so that you can pick the right one for your dad.


Curated collections

There are methods to discover the perfect poem for your dad, and one of them is to search for curated collections. A simple online search will bring up multiple such selections offered by magazines and websites oriented toward such events. You will notice that the collections will have links to the authors’ pages, in some cases, so you can extend your research and maybe find a piece that hasn’t already been used a lot.


Literary gems

Another way to impress your dad with your choice of a poem for this special occasion is to go down this route: check literary gems that withstand the test of time. While many poets today publish thematic poems geared toward Father’s Day, you can always search through the works that were written a while ago.


Here are some examples of such poems that you can use to offer your dad a special gift.

–         To Her Father With Some Verses by Anne Bradstreet. Born in 1612, she was the first American poet to publish a poem book. She wrote a poem dedicated to her husband, and the one mentioned here, to honor her father.

–         my father moved through dooms of love by E. E. Cummings. This poet’s distinctive style is present throughout the poem, with the radical challenges to punctuation and form E. E. Cummings is known for. This poem is considered among the most beautiful ever written to praise a father.

–         Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night by Dylan Thomas. A well-known poem that has been extensively used in movies, songs, and other media, this famous piece written by Dylan Thomas can make a beautiful gift for your dad. The author addressed his poem to his father.

–         My Father Was A Farmer by Robert Burns. In this poem, the author recalls the upbringing his father gave him. If your dad played an essential role in your education, this choice could be ideal.

–         Fathers Are Wonderful People by Helen Steiner Rice. A writer of inspirational poetry, Rice goes the extra mile in this touching poem that talks about how seldom fathers are praised for all the hard work they put in raising their children and supporting their families.

–         On The Beach At Night by Walt Whitman. In case your father is an admirer of this famous poet, you just found the perfect gift. The strong relationship between a father and his daughter is beautifully illustrated in this poem.

–         My Papa’s Waltz by Theodore Roethke. This poem recalls a particular memory of the author in regards to his father. If you know of a moment when you felt close to your dad, this poem could be an excellent choice to recall it and the importance of memories.

There are many other examples you can find. Some poems are addressed directly to the authors’ fathers, while others are about fathers. It is your choice which form to consider for gifting your dad on Father’s Day.


On choosing style and theme

As you browse to the various options presented by poets old and new, you will notice that the poems they’ve written tend to cater to particular styles and themes. Identifying them can help you narrow down your choice.

For instance, you can go for a playful approach. Young people should opt for this style, especially if their dads are the type of people who enjoy a good laugh. These poems tend to be short and sweet, and they can help you choose one fast. Whether you want your dad to know that you see him as better than Superman and Batman together, or you just found a smart way to ask for some pocket money, you will find that such poems are readily available.

Another style that is appropriate for this occasion is happy. You can convey feelings of happiness by expressing how fortunate you are for having your dad. Such poems are also readily available, and there is a plethora to choose from. Sons and daughters alike will find something that fits their particular situation.

Of course, you can also opt for serious styles that correspond to your dad’s personality. Inspiring poems are the kind that let your father know how much of your education and formation as a person you owe to him. Others are touching and express the feelings of gratitude and love you have toward your parent. The possibilities are extensive, and you should check the options available to discover what would be a good poem to offer your dad.


How long should the poem be?

This is another critical question that is partly dictated by the style you chose. For instance, happy poems with a funny message are most likely to be short. They are usually witty and have a punchline, so long-form options won’t cut it. However, such rules are not set in stone. Profound, touching poems are more likely to be long, but even a few verses can get the message across.

It is up to you, and, on a funny note, to how much tolerance your dad has toward reading poems. If you plan on giving him a card, a shorter poem might be a better choice than trying to fit a long one on a small piece of paper. After all, you don’t want your dad to start thinking that he needs a new pair of glasses!


Other poems that might inspire you

Not all the poems you will find are addressed directly to fathers. Some illustrate the bond between fathers and their children. Others talk about the experience of being a father, and some might even be a good example of addressing more complex relationships, such as when parents become estranged, by whims of fate and not only. You will know you got a perfect choice once you read it, and it echoes in your mind and heart with the genuine feelings you nurture toward your parent.


On writing your own poem for your dad

Most people might shy away from the idea of trying to write something by themselves, for fear that their lack of experience will stop them from conveying their feelings as they want. It is an excellent idea to find a poem that fits the occasion and go with the words someone else wrote since they express what you feel so well.

However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try writing something from the heart. Remember that it will be your father who loves you and appreciates you reading your poem. You won’t send it to a literary magazine or register it for a competition. So, now’s the time to get rid of all these anxieties and grab a pen and paper, or sit in front of your computer to write your poem down.

You can even use your smartphone and a word processor application to have your words become alive. The medium you choose is not essential; the crucial part is the ability to focus on your feelings and how you want to express them.

The most difficult challenge might be the ability to make your words rhyme. Don’t forget that modern poems don’t fall within the same rigid requirements of formal classical lyricism. That said, if you don’t seem able to create clever rhymes, focus on the flow instead. After writing your poem, read it aloud a few times, and assume the listener’s position.

Once you are satisfied, you can have the message printed on a card, or you can choose to read it to your dad directly. Since it would be a gift you put thought and feeling into, as well as effort, it will be more appreciated than material things. Or you can offer your poem as a companion to other gifts you want to offer your father. However, the latter should be reserved for your father’s birthday or other occasions. Father’s Day is the ideal opportunity to express your true feelings, and a poem is an excellent choice.