Snowman games are among the games that make children the happiest when they attend a party during the winter. Parents have a hard time organizing parties during the winter because the activities are a little bit limited.

However, there are a lot of fun things that you can do in order to keep the kids entertained and if you decide to pick the games that we describe in this article, you can be sure that they will remember the day for a long time and will definitely want to come back next year.

Snowmen games are very fun for children, especially since they involve make-believe, an essential aspect that transforms any game into play. A few things that you have to remember in order to make it a memorable party is that you don’t have to force children to be a part of an activity that they are not comfortable with.

The games have to have rules, but they also have to give the children the possibility to use their imagination. Team games are an option that also teaches children how to act when they have to be an active part of a group in which each team member shares the same goals. 


Build a snowman

Type of game: team game or single player

What you need:

  • Outdoor space
  • Snow
  • Tree branches
  • Carrots
  • Nuts

If you decide to have a snowman theme party, the classical snowman will never get old. Children love to build snowmen and if they do it in a team and, furthermore, in a competition, the fun is doubled. 

Even if you don’t have a backyard, you will be able to find a place outside your home where you can find snow. You will need a timer and set a time amount for the snowman to be ready.

This game can be played with individual players who have to race in building a snowman, but the best way to do it is to divide the children into 2 teams that will have to build a snowman. You can choose what the outcome is, if you want to give the prize to the tallest snowman, to the fattest one, to the most colorful one, and so on.


Pass the snowman’s hat

Type of game: single player

What you need:

  • A hat
  • A music player or a phone

This is a very fun game to play if there are more than 5 children at the party and the more, the better. All the kids have to sit down on the floor forming a big circle. You have to play a Christmassy song on the music player or on your phone. You have to be next to it all the time. 

Give the hat to a kid. They have to put it on, take it off and pass it to the child next to them. The second child has to do the same. You have to hit pause on the song and when the song stops, the children have to stop passing on the hat. 

The child who has the hat when the music stops has to get up and, pretending to be a snowman, they have to pretend they are melting. Their life in the game has finished. The one who lives the longest will be the winner.


Snowman popping

Type of game: team game

What you need:

  • White balloons
  • A marker
  • Glue
  • 2 large bags
  • 2 chairs

If you are looking for a fun game, this is one that can easily make its way to the top. Before the party starts, you will have to make a snowman out of balloons for every guest. Fill each bag with an equal number of snowmen if you can. Place two chars 3 feet apart from one another and place a bag near each one of them. 

After you have divided the children into 2 teams, each team player has to take a snowman out of the bag and sit on it until they manage to pop all the 3 balloons that make up the snowman. When they manage to do so, the next player has to take their place. The team to finish first is the winner.


Blind snowman

Type of game: single player

What you need:

  • Paper
  • Colored pencils
  • A table and chairs for every kid

The blind snowman is a game that will make the children present at the party laugh a lot and this is your goal. After you have gathered all the kids around the table, you have to give them a piece of paper and a pencil. They have to close their eyes and you will have to give them the following instructions:

“Sketch a big circle at the bottom of the paper using your pencil.”

“Sketch a smaller circle above it, in the middle of the paper.”

“Sketch an even smaller circle above the second one, at the top of the paper.”

“Sketch 2 buttons in the middle circle.”

“Sketch a mouth, a nose, and 2 eyes in the smallest circle that you have drawn.”

“Sketch 2 hands attached to the circle in the middle.”

After the children have finished, you can tell them to open their eyes. After they have a good laugh and each of them shows the snowman they have drawn to the rest of the kids, tell them to write down the date on the paper and that they can take the drawing home as a souvenir.


Snowman stuffing

Type of game: team game 

What you need: 

  • 2 very large white sweatsuits
  • White balloons
  • A music player or a phone

Before you begin, make the children inflate all the balloons. After that, you have to divide the children into 2 teams and each team must get the same number of balloons. One of the players of each team has to get dressed in the sweatsuit because they will become a snowman.

On the music player, put on ‘Frosty the Snowman’ song. Until the song is finished, the children have to stuff the balloons inside the sweatsuit. This is the reason why you have to buy 2 sweatsuits that will be extra-large because there has to be a lot of room left for the balloons to fit.

When the song is finished, they have to stop. Count the balloons that each team has managed to stuff in. Whoever has managed to stuff in the largest number of balloons is the winner. 


Sock snowman

Type of game: single player

What you need:

  • White socks
  • Buttons
  • Glue
  • Pillow stuffing or rice
  • Colorful fabric
  • 2 plastic bowls
  • Paper
  • A pencil

When the party begins, you have to make a raffle. You will have to write the name of every child on 2 pieces of paper. Put the two plastic bowls on a table. Each bowl has to be filled with the names of the children, but each name has to appear only once in every bowl.

Then you have to draw a name from one bowl, which will represent the child who has to make the snowman and a name from the second bowl, which will represent the name of the child who has to receive the snowman.

Each party member will have to make a snowman out of the materials that you give to them. The snowmen can have whatever shape the children want them to have and, at the end of the party, each of them will go home with a souvenir. 

This is a fun game but it also comes with a few other benefits: it allows the kids to use their imagination by deciding what the snowman will look like. It will also make them excited and they will be very eager to receive their gift. As a bonus, they learn how fulfilling it is to make a gift for someone and to put in the effort in order for the other person to like it.

Pro tip:

  • You can offer the kids a dessert that comes in the shape of a snowman. You can make a cake in the shape of a snowman that is covered in frozen yogurt. As the yogurt melts, the snowman melts as well. You can even make it a game and the one who finishes eating it first wins a second piece of cake.


Final thoughts

Winter parties do not have to be boring. Children can’t wait to attend a party during the winter because it makes monotony fade away. One of the best ways to arrange a party that the guests will never forget is to make them take part in fun activities, but the activities have to be something new, something that will surprise them.

By using the games that we have written about in this article, you will not only give the children a good time, but you will also give them memories that they will remember for a long time because children always remember a surprising and fun activity. Therefore, the party you are organizing will never be dull if you put these games into practice.