Choosing a name for a newborn is never an easy task, as there are so many options and you want something beautiful and meaningful. So why not opt for one of the names that mean hope or faith? Whether you are expecting a baby girl or a boy, there are numerous names with this meaning that derive from different languages. While some of them are quite common, others sound mysterious and exotic. 

To get a clear picture of what your options are, here is a comprehensive list of names that mean hope or faith.


Names for girls 


This Arabic name sounds quite exotic; however, not too exotic so that you would make an effort to pronounce or remember it. It resembles its close relative Aisha, and it translates as ‘life and hope.’


Now that our journey has started in the remote Arabic culture, let’s pick another example that means ‘hope’ – Amaani. This might sound quite exotic for us, but in Arabic-speaking countries, it is an ordinary name.


This outstanding name also has Arabic origins and it is quite personal and assertive. It translates as ‘my hope’.


Let’s move a little further, geographically speaking, and take a second to consider this remarkable Indian name. Asha has different meanings. It stands for ‘hope’ in Sanskrit. It means ‘alive’ in Swahili and it also means ‘happy’ in Hebrew. Quite complex and powerful.


Amala is quite a feminine name and it is very easy to pronounce. It sounds almost like a soothing tune. Amala derives from Sanskrit where it means ‘hope’.


If you’re passionate about Latin culture or you simply enjoy how Spanish sounds, Esperanza might be a good name for your girl. This name is very common in Spanish-speaking countries, both in Europe and in Latin America and it means ‘hope’.



If you want a name that has to do with hope and faith, why not opt for the word that actually describes the concept you want your baby to be named after? Faith is a beautiful and powerful name and nobody will frown when they hear it as plenty other girls have it.


On a similar note, you can choose to call your bundle of joy Hope. This short, vibrant, and pleasant name brings a bit of joy each time you pronounce it.


If you want to pick an exotic name for your baby girl and make her stand out for the rest of her life, you can choose this one. Imani has African origins. More precisely, it means ‘faith’ in Swahili.


Munia is another Arabic name that sounds quite soft and soothing. You can easily imagine a delicate little girl when you pronounce it. Munia also has a beautiful meaning – ‘hope and wish’.


Nadine has an appealing and sophisticated feel and it also means ‘hope’. It is used in European countries such as France, hence its elegance.


We mentioned all sorts of countries around the world, but we haven’t referred to Japan yet. So, here is a cute name coming from that remote area. Saki means ‘blossom’ and ‘hope’.  


Vera is a common name, maybe not in English-speaking countries, but in other parts of the world such as Russia or European countries, it is frequently used. Vera is a plain but impactful name and it means ‘faith’ in Russian.

Also, if you are wondering whether it has a different significance in other languages, remember that it means ‘true’ in Italian.


Umnia has something magical about it. When you pronounce it, you imagine an extraordinary being with supernatural qualities. Umnia comes from Arabic and we would translate it as ‘wish’.


If you are looking for girl names that mean hope but sound English at the same time, why not consider Wilona? In the past, this name whose significance is also linked to the concept of faith was a common choice in England, but it gradually vanished. Why not bring it back?


Violet is as English as possible and, while you probably already picture that delicate purple flower when you hear this name, you might have never thought about its significance. This flower is a symbol of faith.


Names for boys 


Amil is one of those melodic boy names that mean hope. It derives from Arabic where it is used mostly among men, but also for women. Unlike other names that share the same origins, Amil is very short and easy to pronounce in any language, which makes it a great choice for a kid. 


Amin is another Arabic word and it has two powerful meanings: ‘trustworthy’ and ‘faithful’. 


Arman is an appealing boy name that means ‘hope’ or ‘wish’ and has Persian origins. This name has been used for centuries and it is still a common choice in India.



Chislon sounds quite right in English, doesn’t it? However, this is actually a Hebrew name that translates as ‘hope’. With this name, you can rest assured your boy would fit in the picture as it is not too outstanding. Yet, it is not too common either. Just the perfect combination. 


Now that you’ve read this name you are probably telling yourself ‘finally, one name I’ve heard before’. Indeed, Dillon is a ‘normal’ and common name you’ve probably heard many times. It is popular in Ireland and it means ‘ray of hope’. Beautiful, isn’t it?


Daijon is one of the beautiful boy names that gradually started to disappear as time passed. It means ‘god’s gift of hope’. Back in the days when the Pilgrims Fathers started to build a new life on the American continents, this name was quite popular.


If you want something more refined for your child but, at the same time, you don’t want anyone to struggle to pronounce their name or get it wrong, Deene can be a good choice. This name comes from French where it literally means ‘hope’.


I know, the first thing that probably comes to mind when hearing this name is the figure of the renowned Cuban president Fidel Castro. However, in Latin American countries, this name is by no means unique or reserved for the privileged. It is a beautiful and common boy name that translates as ‘faithful’.


Emmanuel is frequently used in countries where Latin languages are spoken. Nonetheless, Emmanuel actually derives from Hebrew where it translates as ‘God is with us’. This is a powerful statement and, if you want to express your faith in your child’s name, this is a good option. Also, Emmanuel has its feminine counterpart – Emmanuela.


If you want your child to stand out and be the kid with a special name, you can choose Kibou. This word originates in Japan where it means ‘hope’ and besides its cuteness, it is also easy to pronounce. If you call your kid Kibou, his name will probably be one of the first words he learns to utter.


If you are into exotic names, another Japanese option you might want to take into consideration is Haruki. This name translates as ‘shining ray of hope’.


This is a Spanish name that resembles our own version – Philip. This name’s significance is ‘hope origin’.


Raza is a nice name, easy to utter, short, and bold enough to be remembered. This name’s origins can be traced back to Africa and it translates as ‘hope’.


Matthan is similar to more common names such as Nathan or Matthew. However, it is undeniably special. It looks like a combination of these two names, but it is actually the Hebrew word for ‘hope’. Matthan sounds so natural in English that you might even stop and wonder why you haven’t heard it until now.


You’ve probably heard this name before but never taught about what it meant. Truman means ‘the faithful one’, which is quite a statement. This name denotes devotion and reliability and these are traits you probably wish your kid could have.


Titus is one of the most common names related to faith. Titus was one of the companions of apostle Paul and he was devoted to bringing peace and helping the poor. It is said that Paul addressed him a letter calling him ‘son in faith’.


Toivo sounds quite foreign and it really is. This name comes from remote Finland where it means ‘hope’.


Uriah comes from Hebrew where it means ‘God is my hope, my strength, my light’. Thus, this magical name has something truly special.


This name that used to be quite popular in the previous century is easy to pronounce and there is something almost royal about it. Initially, this was a very common prefix that used to precede a person’s surname and it was used in Germanic languages. 

As you’ve seen, there are plenty of names, both for girls and for boys, that mean hope and faith. You will definitely find one that sounds appealing to you in this list.