One of the best things about living in a house is that you get enough privacy. The neighbors don’t suffocate you, and you are allowed to listen to loud music every once in a while. Moreover, you’ll enjoy sipping your coffee on the patio in the morning, giving you a clear view of the background and what’s happening in your neighborhood.

Unfortunately, you cannot get 365 days of summer and sun so you’ll have to quit your morning ritual during the winter months and in the rainy season. However, there is a way to enjoy the beauty of your patio each morning, and that is to turn it into a closed space.

If you are confident that this is what you want, but you’re not really sure how to do it, perhaps our following tips will come in handy.


Use glass walls

The most elegant and fancy way to enclose your patio is to add glass walls around it. This is definitely an investment you’ll have to consider, but we guarantee you the wow effect. Glass walls allow all the natural light to come in and offer you an unobstructed view of your front yard and garden.

Therefore, it would be just like having an outdoor patio with the exception that you can use this one even in the winter days. However, this option is not only costly but also less efficient in the cold season. It will take a powerful source of energy to produce the amount of heat needed to keep the entire patio warm.


Wood is a good alternative

Another way to ensure your patio is enclosed is to build a wooden structure around it. It won’t look as fancy as the all-glass one, but it will surely keep you warmer during the winter. It will be perfect for placing modern or rustic patio furniture and decorations, depending on your tastes.

The good thing is that you still get to add large windows if you want to, meaning you can enjoy a beautiful view in the morning or the afternoon. A wooden structure is also safer and more resistant in time. If treated accordingly, wood can last for decades without deteriorating or changing its color.

The most beautiful part of a wooden structure is that you can also build it on your own. Unlike glass walls, wooden structures require less expensive tools. With just some basic carpentry instructions, everyone can become a builder and make his or her own furniture from scratch.  

Apart from wood and glass, you can also choose aluminum to close in your home patio. This material is lightweight and resistant. It also requires less maintenance than other material types, which means you won’t have to perform repairs or paint it too often. However, the installation process may or may not be difficult, depending on the design you go for.


Choose the right roof

Apart from the structure itself, you also need to think about the roof. There are plenty of materials to choose from, but we suggest opting for one that is close to what you already have for the main house.

A steel roofing is common in the northern climates, but we suggest you choose the same manufacturer both for your main house and for the patio as each producer has its own pattern. Roof tiles are also a great option, but they won’t go well with clear, glass structures.


What about the floor?

Lastly, the floors should also be worthy of your full attention. Sometimes, it’s hard to match the patio with the rest of the house and still manage to create a unique setting, apart from your main building.

Concrete floors are the most convenient floors as they can be simply decorated with rugs in order to create a chill, relaxed atmosphere. On the contrary, beautiful tiles, marble or bamboo floors will go perfectly with lavish glass structures. However, wooden floors also remain popular and will match all types of closed patio designs, including wooden and steel ones.