How to find a cool gift for a gardener


It’s not easy to get a present for a green-fingered person, and we all know it. On the one hand, you might not have the same hobby as that of the individual you are looking to purchase one of the many garden gadgets available for sale these days. On the other, you might have researched all of your options by now and could have just as well come up with nothing.

We understand. We were also rather clueless as to what the best gifts for nature lovers can truly be. For some, they might deal with devices that can enhance their gardening performance, while for other, they might be something else entirely.

One should look at a variety of things before choosing a certain product. Some cool gifts for gardeners include functional hose, sprinklers, and an array of other items that can actually serve a given purpose and manage to achieve it quite well. Of course, if you haven’t ever even managed to maintain the wellbeing of an apartment plant before, you could be in for some surprises as the needs of gardeners are far more extreme than yours.

Let us take some part of the blame if you don’t manage to come up with a great idea. Just read on.


How we chose the coolest garden gifts


Gardening presents aren’t all made the same, just like they are not destined for the same types of individuals. While some might have homes with actual gardens, others might be interested in keeping rosemary, thyme, basil, and a variety of other apartment plants that they can use and add to their foods in order to spice up their flavors. Check out our guide to find out more.


Is the gardener a practical person or not?

As we were saying above, you might want to get a present for someone invested in their craft, which is to say that they can actively use their crops to spice up their foods or even consume them. These days, organic fertilizers are quite popular, and that’s because they have zero impact on the health of those who will eat those tomatoes, cucumbers, or whatever else one might want to add to one’s salad.

Whether the gardener is a male or a female, sometimes getting a highly functional present might matter more than one that tells the world all about how they have green thumbs. If your friend resides in an apartment, you could get them a stand or some sort of support system for cherry tomatoes, for instance.

The same goes for ornamental flowers. Most gardeners and some women will tell you that they do not appreciate plant-related gifts as long as they end up dying. Why should you? Even getting flowers for someone if you go on a date might get you reprimanded for your genuinely well-intended purpose.

Sprinklers don’t have limits

It stands to reason that if you were to get some sort of automatic system for your gardening buddy so that his legumes and vegetables are tended with as little effort as possible it would be a good idea.

However, sometimes, it doesn’t all come down to that. Of course, choosing an automatic sprinkler might save you some time and effort in the long run, and so why wouldn’t you just do that? Some gardeners don’t have their own gardeners, and you best remember that.

For these people, you could always go for the safer alternative, which is to say that you could opt for a flower pot where people can put some water so as to provide the necessary hydration for their plants while they are away from home. This way, they won’t have to ask their friends to come over and water their plants while they are on vacation.


Lights all the way

The frustrating thing about gardens is that you can’t see them at night. Well, fortunately for you and the rest of the world, the technology these days has evolved in such a way so that it provides means for you to solve this problem.

There are various solar lights that can charge up during the day. You or your gardening friend can put them in the ground and wait for them to light up once dusk has settled in. You wouldn’t believe the sight of a well-tended garden at night, so such a device might truly make a neat gift for your buddy.

Plus, such lights need little to nothing when it comes to providing them the necessary energy, and they need nothing in the way of maintenance, either. They are easy to utilize and convenient, and the simpler they get, the better present they make.


Miniatures and other such decorative pieces

There’s this scene in Amelie, a French film from the beginning of the 21st century, when the heroine finally decides to take the main dwarf out of the garden of her father and make him travel the world. She then sends pictures to her dad while the dwarf was in Argentina and a variety of other exotic places that her father would never have had the opportunity to see. Of course, she does all of this with the help of one of her friends, who is a flight attendant, but this detail is irrelevant.

The point is that decorative objects sometimes make all the difference if you are trying to make an impression. Whether they refer to LED lights or just a dwarf here and there, all of these can take the looks of a garden to a whole new level.

We wouldn’t want to suggest you something particular in this respect. Nonetheless, we couldn’t help noticing that such decorative items are quite popular with gardeners, in general. So, why would you not give them a try? Just make sure that the person you are getting the present for is a fan of such products.


Some of our ideas…


A garden offers you a nice way to relax after a long day at work, but will also require plenty of your spare time if you wish to transform it into a welcoming place. From planting to seeding, watering or choosing the right flowers, vegetables, and fruit trees, looking after a garden is a never-ending task.

Nevertheless, gardening could also prove fun, especially if you choose the right tools to help you out. So, if you’re searching for some new amazing garden gadgets, here are some of our top picks.



Ohuhu Kneeler and Seat


This foldable item is everything you want to prevent aches after long hours of sitting and working in the garden. The 2-in-1 product comes completely assembled and can hold up to 150 kg (330 pounds).

It is made of steel and plastic for a lightweight yet long-lasting design. The product is both a kneeling pad and a garden chair and can help you finish your gardening tasks easier, without feeling tired or being in pain afterward.

The item also features a comfortable handle for easy carrying and two gardening tool pouches you can easily attach using Velcro straps.





Sloggers Women’s 5102BK07


Although gardening shoes may not be your number one footwear fashion choice, this pair of Sloggers is extremely comfortable. It comes with a specific insole designed for improved comfort. The shoes are proudly made in the United States using 100% recyclable materials.

The product comes in whole sizes only and it is said to fit true to size. We suggest you order your regular shoe size or one size up if you want a loose fit and enough room for an extra pair of thick socks.

In addition, these gardening shoes are available in over 20 different colors and prints, so you can pick one that truly matches your personality.




Demdaco Willow Tree Angel


Are you looking for some new figurines to embellish your garden? This 5.5 inches high product is a hand-painted resin figure of an angel with wire wings. This accessory is made using the finest materials and will certainly make a thoughtful gift for all garden lovers.

Designed by artist Susan Lordi, the angel is painted by hand for an authentic look. The resin figurine holds a shovel in its hands and has a thoughtful expression. It is delivered with a gift box but keep in mind that it is for interior display only as it is not waterproof or weatherproof.





Tacklife Tools Set GGT2A


This set of three different gardening tools is made of heavy-duty stainless steel with safe and comfortable rubber handles for a convenient grip. The handles also feature a hanging hole for you to easily and conveniently store the tools in your garage.

The set consists of a trowel, a transplanting trowel, and a cultivator. The products can be used for transplanting, weeding, cultivating, and other gardening operations.

Thanks to the sturdy stainless steel blades, you won’t have to worry about these tools rusting or breaking. They are designed to resist all weather conditions and will help you build a breathtaking garden in no time.





GardenHOME Folding Stool


This is one of those great everyday gadgets that will make your life better and turn your gardening experience into a positive one. This tool set features a lightweight and portable design so you can easily carry it with you everywhere you go.

The unique design of the stool features a steel frame and strong polyester canvas to last you a long time from now on. The stool is foldable so it is easy to store and convenient to carry around. The item features a large storage bag and five different gardening tools.

All tools are made of stainless steel and come with sturdy and comfortable wooden handles for a better grip. The bag of tools can be easily attached to the stool or detached to fit your needs.




Planters’ Choice Herb Growing



You don’t need necessarily need a garden in order to grow your own plants. This kit contains all required ingredients to help you grow your favorite herbs from the comfort of your own home.

The kit consists of 4 biodegradable growing pots, a selection of 4 tasty herbs (parsley, chives, basil, and cilantro) in the form of moisture-proof organic seeds, 4 soil discs that can expand up to 7 times their original size when you add water, 4 bamboo plant makers, and 1 herb grinder.

This gardening kit is also delivered with a set of complete and easy-to-follow instructions.




La Jolie Muse Statue Figures


Looking for new garden decorations but you’re not really sure which ones to pick? Why not turn your garden into a fun place with this mother and baby statue?

This mother turtle with its baby turtle statue is guaranteed to brighten up your front yard, porch or garden. The statue is about 9.1 inches high and represents the perfect gift for children, parents or anyone who enjoys happy and colorful outdoor decorations.

The item is made of long-lasting resin and is hand painted with top-quality UV-resistant paint. Thus, the colors will remain vibrant and bright even when the statue is directly exposed to sunlight.




Collections Etc Amish Wagon


This product represents the perfect decor for both indoor and outdoor settings. You can use it to showcase your plants, seasonal decorations, flowers, and others.

The item is made of wood and iron which means you can enjoy a long-lasting and durable design that won’t fade after years. Also, you can choose between three different colors to match the rest of your designs and decorations.

The wagon is complete with sturdy iron wheels and a long handle for easy transportation. It makes the perfect choice for unique and whimsical baby or pet photo sessions.




Open Seed Vault Heirloom Vegetable


This bag of 15,000 seeds is complete with everything you need to grow your own vegetable garden. All seeds are natural and non-GMO so you can enjoy delicious and nutritious vegetables.

The bag also comes with a comprehensive guide to help you grow and harvest the vegetables right away. This moisture-proof resealable bag will help you store your seeds for longer without deteriorating their quality.

Among the seeds you are going to receive one can name tomato beef steak, eggplant, radish, corn, kale, spinach, carrot, pumpkin, cauliflower, broccoli, onion, cabbage, different types of lettuce, and celery.




Brightown G40 Globe String


This luminous string is perfect for bistros, gazebos, porches, gardens, balconies, and other places where you need a romantic light to guide your nights.

It features a 25-feet long string with 25 clear light bulbs end-to-end connectable. The G40 bulbs will offer a warm and charming light, suitable for important events or romantic evenings.

The product is easy to wire and is fully weatherproof meaning the bulbs can handle heavy rains and winds without damaging or breaking.

However, some of the customers claimed the bulbs are made of thin glass that is fragile and might break easily so be careful where you chose to store them.