Dance games for kids are among the most entertaining games you can think of if you want to keep them engaged. Besides having a lot of fun, children will develop social skills and their brains and bodies will develop a much better connection.

Researchers have been studying how dancing affects the brains of children and what the benefits of dancing are, so if you decide to organize some dancing activities for kids, you would know that the following benefits will come as a bonus:


  • Children’s social skills will be enhanced

These dances are activities that make children feel a part of a group. They will have to communicate with one another, some of them involve a partner, and they will have to learn how to mimic someone else’s movements.

  • Their brains will develop new and strong neural pathways

Dancing is one of the activities that make the brain develop new and very strong neural pathways that will help them in the future. They have to make their bodies do the moves that they see, so their vision is used at the same time as the region of the brain that involves movement. Therefore, their minds will be more connected to their bodies.

  • Their bodies will become healthier

This is obvious because any activity that involves movement is beneficial for the body. However, if the movement is as enjoyable as dancing is, the effects on their physical health will be enhanced.

  • They will be smiling a lot

Dancing will make children happy and you will be able to observe how much they are going to laugh during these activities.


What are the most exciting dance games?

Kids usually love dancing even if the dance has no other purpose than the one of feeling good. However, when dancing is turned into a game, it is even more enjoyable. We have made a list of the dance games that children love most and we hope that you are going to enjoy them as well.


The animal dance

Supplies needed: 

  • Small pieces of paper
  • A bowl
  • A marker

This game is fun for children and the great thing about it is that they will have to use their imagination. All you need to do is to write the name of all the animals you can think of, one each on a different piece of paper. Put all the small papers inside the bowl. Gather all the children and draw an animal from the bowl.

The children will have to mimic the animals in terms of the sound they make and they will also have to mimic their movements in the form of a dance. The best thing to do is to let them envision how the animal is moving without giving them any other instructions.


The balloon dance

Supplies needed:

  • Balloons

For this dance game, every child receives a balloon. They have to start dancing while juggling the balloon without using their palms. The purpose of this game is for them not to drop the balloon. If they drop the balloon or if they stop dancing they are out of the game.

Even though it seems that this game is easy, children will be very engaged because they will have to coordinate their hand movements while they are dancing, which is not an easy task, especially if the children are really young.


The painting dance

Supplies needed:

  • Small pieces of paper
  • A marker
  • A bowl

This game will definitely make kids use their imagination and they will be very happy playing it. The game goes like this: write on each piece of paper a part of the body like the hands, the elbow, the knee, and so on. Gather all the children and tell them to leave a distance between them of at least 6 feet. 

Then draw a paper from the bowl. The kids will have to imagine that they have a paintbrush on the part of the body which is written on the paper. After that, they will have to paint everything around them using that paintbrush. You will decide when they have to finish and start again.


The remote dance

Supplies needed:

  • A real remote control or DIY one

This is a great game that adults would most certainly love as well. All children have to begin dancing. The idea is that you are the owner of the remote control that can tell them how to move. You can rewind the dance, fast forward it, pause it, or play with the speed of the moves.

The children will absolutely love it and the game can go on for as long as they want. Also, they should move freely and not be instructed to make any moves. However, moving is best because they will learn to use their body and also use their imagination, expressing themselves through movement.


The high five dance

Supplies needed:

  • A music player

This game is pretty engaging because the children will work in teams and they will also have to perform in front of their friends. Also, they will have to use their imagination. First, you will have to assign a partner to each child. The best way to do it is random, without any preferences. 

After everyone has paired up, they will have to invent a dance that involves high-fives, double high-fives, and clapping. They can be assigned a time to prepare and each team will have to perform the dance in front of their friends. Some children might be a little bit nervous to perform in front of an audience, but it is important for them to face their fears.


The sack dance


  • A sack for each child
  • A music player

Sacks have been used for a long time for many games which usually turn up to be a lot of fun. Here, each child has to stand in a sack and they have to start dancing when the music plays. If they stop or fall down, they will be out of the game. You will be able to hear a lot of laughs during this wonderful game and the children will be very happy.


The jumping jack dance

Supplies needed:

  • A music player and an energetic song

This is a game that will make children move a lot. It will be no problem because most children are full of energy. When you put on the song, the children will have to begin dancing but not in a regular way. The first thing to make sure of is that there is a 6-foot distance between the kids. 

When they dance, they have to jump as high as they can while making weird and funny moves. This will make them very happy and will allow them to goof around without being judged, which is a thing that children really need. Imagine how happy you as an adult would be if you played this game.


The emoji dance

Supplies needed:

  • Big cards with emojis printed on them
  • A music player

This is a great way to teach children to express their emotions and how to learn to connect with them. The idea is that you need to have a card with more emojis like happy, sad, tired, amazed, angry, and so on. You have to prepare in advance some songs that match these emotions.

You will be the one who shows them the cards and when you show the sad emoji, for example, you will have to play a sad song. The kids will have to dance accordingly, expressing the emotion shown on the card using their moves. You will be amazed by how many different moves you will see because every child is different.


The hula-hoop dance

Supplies needed:

  • A music player and an engaging Hawaiian song
  • Hula-hoops for every child

Everybody knows about the hula-hoop dance, but children will love it because most of them don’t know how to hold a hoop in the air and when they will manage to do so, they will be very happy. The neurotransmitters that are released in the brain when someone manages to do something new usually make them feel excited.

The great thing about it is that they will not need to keep it in the air around their waist, they can use all the parts of their bodies. The winner will be the one who will hold the hula-hoop in the air the longest. You can add a price and you can repeat the dance as many times as the children want to, and they will surely not get bored with it.


Final thoughts

The number one thing that all of these dance games have in common is that children are able to use their imagination. It is very important for children at any age to do so because this is how their brains evolve. The combination of imagination use with physical movement is one of the best ways to make kids happy and feeling excited.