If you are about to become a parent, there is a lot going on for you in the upcoming period, whether you are the mom or dad. If you haven’t chosen a name for your daughter yet, there are numerous musical names for girls you might want to take into consideration. Below, we are going to list some of the most beautiful names that have something to do with music. Your daughter deserves to feel special, and choosing a musical name will make her forever unique.


What to consider when choosing a name for your baby girl

Preparing to welcome a new life into this world is one of the most beautiful and exciting experiences a person can go through. However, there is a great deal of responsibility in becoming a parent, and choosing a name for your baby is one of the most important decisions you have to make. 

It is never easy to make up your mind when choosing a name for a baby. On the one hand, you want that name to mean something to you. On the other, you want it to sound beautiful, and to make the future person your child will become proud of it.  

Arm yourself with patience as you start talking to your partner about how you should call your daughter. Many couples have long and sometimes tensioned discussions when it comes to agreeing upon a name.

One of you might want to honor the memory of someone you hold dear by giving your child that person’s name. This is really a delicate matter and clinging to this idea might not be good for your relationship unless you both feel the same about the person that inspired the choice.

You don’t want your partner to remember your annoying grandma or aunt each time he calls your daughter. Conversely, you might not want your kid to have the same name as your mother-in-law. Therefore, the best and most impartial option might be going for a neutral name that doesn’t remind either of you of a particular person. 

Another important aspect you should be taking into account when choosing a name for your baby is decency. There is really no better word for what we want to highlight. Think about the fact that your yet unborn child has no saying in this. They come into this world and they have to accept the name you chose for them.

This name can be a reason to feel proud or a burden they will have to bear for the rest of their life, which you want to avoid. Before you decide to give any creative or exotic name to your child, do this simple exercise.

Imagine how a person would react when they meet your grown-up kid and hear her name. What would the reaction be? Amusement, amazement, or would they simply think something in the lines of ’what were your parents thinking when they named you?’.

Finally, consider that time passes and your kid will stop being an infant at a certain point. Therefore, if a cute or funny name is suitable for them when they are little, things will change later in life. You don’t want your daughter to feel embarrassed each time she has to introduce herself. 

Therefore, when you choose a baby’s name, make sure it is not literally a baby name and that it will be suitable at any age. With all these thoughts in mind, get ready to do a brainstorming exercise with your partner and, in case you are looking for a musical name, consider the options below.



One of the beautiful names that are suitable for an active and fun-loving personality is Allegro. This is a very common concept in music and it refers to a fast-paced melody. This word comes from Italian and, in terms of music, it translates as ‘sprightly’.

However, the main meaning of this word is ‘joyful, happy’, traits you certainly wish for your daughter to possess.



This name also derives from Italian where it is used to describe a part of a musical piece of work that is interpreted by a single voice. An aria is usually the highlight of an opera show when the main performer gets the chance to showcase their skills, accompanied by the orchestra.

Additionally, in Italian, Aria also means air, something we could never do without, and a beautiful parallel with how important your daughter will be to you.

Aria is also a Hebrew term and it is an alternative version of the word Ari, which means ‘lion’.



Bella is probably one of the most popular musical names for girls. It is present in many languages including English and Italian where it literally means ‘beautiful’. This name sounds great. It is easy to pronounce and remember, and its connection to music is the fact that it refers to the bell’s ringer.



This peculiar but quite beautiful name also derives from music where it describes the rhythmic flow of a given group of sounds. Cadence is a rhythmic pattern and this word is used both in music but also in theater. When an actor is saying their lines in front of the audience, their voice too has a certain cadence.

If you and your partner love music, poetry or you are generally interested in arts, this might be a good name for your baby girl, one that will forever remind her of what her parents were like.



Chanson, pronounced with a French accent, is a very stylish name choice. In French, this word means ‘song’ and both in its native language, and in English, Chanson is a nice name and not a very uncommon one. If you are fond of music and you hope that your kid will grow up enjoying this art as much as you do, Chanson can be a perfect choice.



Harper is a beautiful and quite special name for girls, no wonder why Victoria and David Beckham decided to give it to their daughter. This term refers to the person who is playing the harp – the harper. Only picturing that majestic instrument and remembering how it sounds gives a soothing sensation. Harper is a great name for a girl and a woman and there is an undeniable sense of delicacy in it.  



Music would be nothing without harmony. In fact, you would not like to listen to music that is devoid of harmony. This term refers to how the chords are being synchronized for a melodic accord. Moreover, it describes the way in which all the instruments in an orchestra have to be in tune or coordinated with each other.

If you want to go further, it is easy to remember that harmony is also a term that describes balance and equilibrium. All these concepts sound good and you would definitely like your daughter to be that type of special person who brings balance and peace to those around her.   



Almost all the songs you’ve listened to are accompanied by lyrics, well maybe not all of them if you are a jazz fan. Speaking of which, Jazz is also an official name. However, most music lovers who opt for it use it for their baby boys.

Lyric is a plain but strong name. Except for its reference to a song’s verses, this word is also used in French to describe a short and romantic poem.



Mandolins are quite delicate and if you love the sound produced by this string instrument, you might want to add this name to your list of potential choices. Don’t worry, this is not the only instrument that ended up becoming a name; there are also boys out there who are called Drummer.



If you are looking for a musical name, but at the same time you don’t want anything that’s too unusual, then Melody is a name you can safely choose. There are plenty of girls and women out there with this simple, yet very catchy name.



Minuet is a very delicate name that’s unlikely to remain unnoticed. As a musical term, it describes a ballroom dance that was practiced extensively in the 18th century. This name derives from French where it also has other variations commonly used as girl names.



If you want your girl to stand out, why not opt for something bold like Rhapsody? This powerful name will empower your baby girl and make her feel unique.



Serenade is quite a romantic choice. When you hear it, you can’t but picture a lover playing this type of song below his partner’s balcony.



Symphony is the ultimate proof you love music. Symphony describes a complex music composition that’s played by an orchestra. This is certainly a name with attitude.



Viola is an excellent choice for a girl. On the one hand, this name is common enough not to cause any frowns. On the other, it is short, easy to pronounce and remember, and it refers to a musical instrument that produces deep and mellow sounds.

All in all, there are many musical names for girls. If you are thinking about picking one for your daughter, it will surely be a beautiful and meaningful choice.