Mother’s Day is the ideal time to celebrate the nurture giver in our lives, so before buying a gift, you should research some of the most popular and unique models the market has to offer. This list is filled with ideas that are bound to impress all mothers around the world. Let’s get started!

As a general note, an awesome gift for a mother is something which is going to help her with daily life or something that she is going to use rather than just put on a shelf to be admired by guests. It doesn’t matter what category the product fits, as it can be a kitchen appliance like a blender, or something that is going to allow her to unwind after a day of work like a feet massager.

If you want some inspiration and something that is going to make your decision-making process more manageable, I suggest you go on , which is a great resource when it comes to gifts of any kind. I am pretty sure you are going to find something there that is going to make both you and your mom happy and satisfied.

Another tip to bring some clarity into this confusing world of presents is to go for items which mean something to you and your family at a personal level. Buy her a gadget that resembles something from your past that made her happy, or a futurist photo frame which has your childhood photo always on display.

We left behind that era when handmade gifts were the norm, but it doesn’t mean you can’t buy her something that is just as personal, intimate and emotional. Luckily, manufacturers have our backs and offer the buyer many customizable choices which can make the difference between a successful present and a failure.

If you feel like it’s time you offered her something that is a bit more out of the box, the new way to make a statement is to go for furniture pieces. The Internet is filled with cool decorative products like vintage chairs, wood coffee tables and many other quirky products that could transform your parent’s house and give your mother a new perspective on life.

Some other excellent Mother’s day gifts that will make an impression are mugs. Those products are highly customizable as you can write messages on them, quotes from her favorite movie or book, and they are useful and cheap at the same time.

It’s a well-known fact that you can never have too many favorite mugs. The same things can be said about photo frames and candles, as all of these products offer you a lot of versatility.


Books? Here are 2 great ideas!


Whenever someone asks me what my favorite books are, I realize I’m at a loss. I’ve been reading since I was five because my parents were kind enough to teach me early on account of them not wanting to read the subtitles to foreign movies anymore. I love languages and grammar and have always felt that one can do anything with words.

So, having literally read thousands of books in just about thirty-five years I’ve been on the Earth, I find it very difficult to focus on several. However, I decided to make a list that I would show to my friends in case someone asks me that again.

Blindness by Jose Saramago

This is probably my all-time favorite dystopian novel. I’m not into the likes of The Hunger Games because they seem too childish and unlikely to me.

But Saramago’s novels have their own charm, and this one is the best if you’d like to give the Portuguese author a try. It’s about a blindness epidemic that affects everyone in a community except the wife of a doctor. When people start being put in institutions because the law officials understand that it’s a contagious condition, she goes to the hospital with her husband even if she isn’t blind. She tells everyone that she is, though.

This novel had a profound impact on me because I got to read about how people can really be when they’re struck by a disaster. They aren’t capable of working together. Instead, they will always seek to be above others and have more food, better shelter, and even abuse other individuals if they have enough power. It might seem dark, but it’s a great read, and I suggest you give it a try.


Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides

This book was another surprise for me because I had already read some stuff by Eugenides. However, the only novel I had the opportunity of reading before was The Marriage Plot, and that one didn’t really strike a chord with me.

This one, however, blew me away. It starts as the story of a Greek family and how a husband and wife moved to America. But pretty soon in the book, we find out that these two are brothers, and while they might love each other, something bad (genetics) would happen due to their blood bound. Even if that mutation doesn’t occur when they have kids, it does when they have grandkids. And that bizarre development consists of Cal Stephanides, a little girl who later on becomes a man.

While it might sound weird, I loved every page of this book, and the parts where the saga of the family is described are truly the best. Eugenides is a very talented writer, and he manages to make his readers empathize with his characters even if they have nothing in common with them.