If you are in search of creative ideas of push presents for dads, we’ve got you covered. Because we know that buying such a present is not easy, here is a list of amazing options that you should keep in mind before making a purchase. 


What is a push present?

A push present is a gift that is given to new parents to celebrate the birth of a new baby. Even though push presents are usually given to the new mothers, in recent years, it has become custom to give such a gift to dads as well. Usually, these gifts are given by one partner to the other.

The tradition of giving push presents is not very old. In fact, some suggest that the idea came from the media and the coverage of the gifts that different celebrities received from their partners after giving birth. 

A concluding example, in this case, is the diamond necklace that Mariah Carrey received from her now ex-husband, Nick Cannon, after the birth of their twins in 2011.

While a push present is meant as a reward for the struggle that a new mom goes through during labor, this does not mean that new dads do not deserve the same level of attention. So, if you want to surprise your partner when the big day arrives, you can purchase him a gift that symbolizes your appreciation for his support and care. 

After all, having a baby is a milestone, offering a present to the father is a nice gesture that you can make to celebrate this moment. If you do not have the means to, or if you just do not want to spend lavishly on such a gift, you can always put pen to paper and tell the new dad all that you feel about this new chapter of your lives!


Want vs. need

There are two main types of gifts that you can give to a new dad as a push present, something that you know that he has wanted for a long time, or something that you know he needs and, thus, will use.

One the one hand, giving someone a gift that consists of something that they have wanted for a long while is a great way to show that you’ve been listening. There is nothing more comforting and special than receiving something that they love. So, why don’t you do just that?

On the other hand, you can use this opportunity to give the new daddy something that he never knew he needed in his new life as a father. All the gifts included in this category should have a practical use and they should fit the new dad’s personality.


Old hobbies/passions

If you’ve been hearing your husband saying that, once the baby arrives, he won’t be able to practice a hobby, or enjoy a certain passion, you can give him a gift that disproves this particular belief. 

By doing so, you can help him understand that, even though a baby implies some responsibilities, this does not mean that he has to give up the things that he loves most. This can also be regarded as a way of saying to him that there are always solutions and compromises that you can reach and that the new baby should not be perceived as an obstacle.

For instance, if your husband loves watching sports, you can give him pro sports tickets. When you give him the gift, remember to say to him that the gift is for him to use whenever he feels the need to take a break to destress. 

Small gifts like this can do wonders for your relationship. By making sure that you support one another, you will feel more confident and your bond will only grow stronger. 


Hands-on dad gifts

If your partner is highly supportive, and you know that he plans on taking an active part in the process of looking after the baby, you could offer him a gift that can help him out in his new role as a father.

For instance, you can purchase a dad diaper bag that he can keep in his car. This way, whenever he is on daddy duty, and he is all alone with the baby, he will be prepared to look after your beloved bundle of joy. 

This gift is very special because it shows him how confident you are in his ability to care for your baby. If you decide to get the bag, a great tip is to stock it with all the supplies that he will need. 

Another similar present that you can get is a jogging stroller. This gift is ideal for active dads who enjoy keeping fit. It should be pointed out that these strollers are not suitable to be used with newborns. However, they work perfectly for babies and they can prove to be a nice way for the new dad to spend some quality time alone with the baby, while still enjoying one of his passions.


The stay at home dad

If you are looking for a great gift that can prove useful for a stay at home dad, one of the greatest presents you can get for him is a streaming service subscription. This is particularly handy, as there are not that many shows that he can watch on TV. 

So, if you want to help him relax during the day, as the baby is resting, the best thing that you can get to him is a subscription of this type. If you already have Netflix or HBO, you can consider looking into a new streaming service such as Hulu or Amazon TV.

Similarly, you can get him a new Kindle that he can use to read his favorite books as he is rocking the infant, as well as the latest books on baby care and baby psychology.

Another idea that is equally handy for a dad that stays at home is a brand-new coffee machine that will help him get through the long nights coming ahead! 


The manly man dad

If you want to help your man feel manly, even as a dad, you can give him a bottle of his favorite perfume, or you can invest in home fitness equipment that both of you can use to stay in shape. 

Fitness equipment is a great gift idea especially if the new dad is used to spending a lot of time at the gym. If you do not want to spend so much money on equipment you can get him a gym membership, as this will allow him to stay in shape, and also to spend some time away from home to destress.


Memorable gifts

If you want to celebrate the arrival of your baby in a meaningful way, you can take a photo of the three of you and frame it. 

Another cool baby art idea is to invest in a kit that you can use to make impressions of your baby’s feet or small hands. You can, later on, give the baby artwork to the new dad for him to show it off in his office. 

The most practical part of these two presents is the fact that they are not very pricey and that you can make them at home in the little time that you have available.


Matching T-shirts and other such personalized gifts

There is nothing cuter than seeing a dad and his baby in matching outfits. Luckily for you, there are numerous fun and, at the same time, cute matching outfits that you can find online that you can purchase. Besides, matching outfits look amazing in pictures!

If the new daddy likes personalized gifts, you can also make a fun, personalized mug for him that features a fun message such as Promoted to daddy, or Best dad ever! 


Some final considerations

Before you go shopping, you must remember that, when it comes to push presents, they do not necessarily have to be ostentatious in order to earn the label of amazing. Even though you are on a strict budget, you can still make or find gifts that show your consideration and love for the new dad, and such gifts are, hands down, the best. 

No matter the budget, the birth of a child is a celebration of your love, and the gift that you decide to offer to the dad will, most likely, fade in comparison with the actual joy brought about by the newborn itself. However, this does not mean that you cannot mark this event by giving the dad an extra gift that will remind him of this special occasion. 

Whatever gift you decide to buy, make sure that you select one that you know that new dad will enjoy using and that is, if possible, a celebration of the new baby. And, at the end of the day, provided that the recipient of the gift gets to hear that you appreciate him and all the love that he is showing to you, chances are that you won’t go wrong.