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Classic Pop-Gun

A perennial childhood favorite!

A stopper is attached to the gun with a string that goes into the barrel. When the barrel is slid forward, the stopper self-loads into it, then pull the barrel back, and POP! A very loud pop goes off and the stopper flies out to the end of the string, ready for the next "shot".

The gun is approximately 22" long and has a plastic barrel and a real, beautifully finished wooden stock. Unlike cheaper pop guns, this one is made to last with a shock-absorbing collar around the piston, and a leather seal inside the barrel so that even a slow pull on it will make the stopper POP! The string is tied and glued, so it's not likely to ever come loose.

My kids LOVE this one!

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    Price: $8.95
    Minimum age: 5
    Availability: out of stock

    Item code: 85005

So, why do my kids
need this stuff?

Seriously, get some toys, go outside and play. It's good for you. Spend some quality time with your kids, your buddies or just get away from the TV and computer long enough for a good dose of sunshine.

Learn a new skill. Get some exercise. Make someone happy. Make yourself happy. Set-up some cans and knock them down, just to see if you can.

Teach your kids something about safety, posture, focus and concentration. It's easy if they have something fun to do while they're learning it.

The science of Physics was founded on the principles of ballistic motion. What better way to develop an interest in physics than to play with ballistic toys? And you know where that leads... First, physics, then math, engineering and economics. Next thing you know, he'll be studying medicine with plans to become a ridiculously high paid sports doctor with a keen knack for investing, all because someone bought him a projectile shooting toy gun as a kid. How's that for a reason?

Here's an even better reason- kids like to play with their parents and they like to compete. Do some target practice with your kids in the backyard. It's far better than watching re-runs of some lame TV show or turning into a video game zombie! Parents and kids need to interact. It's our goal to provide the toys that make it easy. We're doing our part, now you need to do yours.

So, one more time, get some toys and go outside and play!